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The Ins and Outs on AdWords

June 11th, 2021

I’ve dived inside a number of client Google AdWords campaigns over

the past few months – much to my surprise

And one of the things that’s absolutely shocked me is the lack

of measurement.

I mean, come on guys and gale seriously…

How the heck can you manage an AdWords campaign if you have

no idea how any of the metrics are converting? It’s like planning to run a marathon without knowing what you need to do to preare.

You just can’t do it. It’s impossible.

What I am going to share with you here is a few tried and tested facts which apply to any business…

And that of course means your as well.

You are not a lone business that doesn’t experience just like an yother business.

Have you heard of the pareto principle? Will here it is again in terms of Google AdWords.

80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers.

That’s a well known and well tested fact in any business that does Google AdWords.

And most likely, if you took the time and dived in, you’d find 80% of your business in any campaign, at an ytime would be telling you the same story…




… would be generated from 20% of your clicks.

But how can you know, if you don’t measure it?

Let’s crunch a few numbers…

Let’s imagine you’re spending $100k on Google ads, like my client is.

But you don’t know where your business is coming from.

Your stuck, right? Your hands are tied?

But what if you measured it, and discovered there was $200k in profit

being generated by that $100k ad spend.

Well, that’s a good thing… yeah?

And that’s where most would stop.

But what if we dived a little deeper and discovered that $160k of that

$200k in profit was being generated by just $20k in ad spend.

And that other $40k… was being generated by $80k or ad spend?

Based on that knowledge, you could make decisions… right?

For instance, you could cut your advertising spend from $100k a year

to $20k and pocket $140k.

Then you could take that other $80k and test it in other advertising

vehicles which are more profitable.

Please, don’t just measure the amount of clicks.

Dive deeper.

Work out the cost per conversion.

Be strategic about your clicks.

It’s worth thousands upon thousands of dollars to you.